Youth Empowerment Programs

Both UNIQUEASE Corporation in the Philippines and NPO UNIQUEASE Japan focus not only on “financial independence” through job training but also on “psychological independence” that develops resilience to create their own future regardless of their environment.

What we do:


We support the youths from poverty through “Alive Education” to be able to actively express their opinions, discuss, and put their goals into practice. UNIQUEASE provides “on the job training” at the restaurant and financial support for them to receive decent education.

Many of the youths who have experienced extreme poverty often have also experienced neglect, abuse, and many other issues with their family and their surrounding environment. Each youth has a completely different issue and there is not one that can easily be solved.


Here at UNIQUEASE, we work to communicate sincerely with each youth to empower them so that they are able to strengthen their strong points and to take their future into their own hands.

Learning and thinking about what it means to “work” is essential in any work field. UNIQUEASE aims to help the youth structure their own work ethics and a business-like mindset through basic business training and marketing, teambuilding, and leadership sessions.

Some of the youths are now able to train youths/staff of other organizations and restaurants based on the lessons at UNIQUEASE.

We provide overall training programs in three consecutive steps.

  1. Basic training (Leadership, Facilitation, Team-Building, Business English, Business Communication, Business Manner)
  2. Leaders training (Business Management, Marketing)
  3. Organizational Structure

Other than these, we also teach the youths basic knowledge on Sanitary, Customer Service, and Health.

Educational Support

Many of the youths face various challenges before going to school: not being able to afford the transportation fee to the school, not having the necessities for studying, or not having a family register. Not being able to graduate elementary education will lead them to dangerous, low-income jobs and will eventually force them back into the vicious cycle of poverty.

UNIQUEASE supports these youths to learn in the Filipino government approved ALS (Alternative Learning System) and fund them to get the necessary textbooks and utensils to study.


We provide opportunities for young Japanese students to learn and grow through seeking ways to support the Filipino youths and to solve the complicated social issues.

We conduct training sessions on business manners, career vision creation, NLP, and coaching to empower young leaders. We envision the youths to be able to support and lead organizations to a solution to issues around the globe.