About us -UNIQUEASE (Yu-Nik-Ka-Se)-

“UNIQUEASE” is a creative word, a combination of “UNIQUE” in English and “kasi” in Tagalog; it means “Because we are UNIQUE (We are “Only One” and “Special”)”. No matter what kind of environment we were born and grew up in, each of us has a “Meaning of Life” that we have our own uniqueness, strength, and great value to exist.


We, UNIQUEASE, envision minimizing the number of Children at Risk: We will make a society in which children can live in peace.


We, UNIQUEASE members, empower each other to respect all uniqueness, overcome challenges, and accept the meaning of life.

To break the negative cycle of poverty in the Philippines, a social business, UNIQUEASE Corporation (UPhils) was established and followed by the opening of UNIQUEASE Restaurant in Manila, the Philippines in August, 2010 with the aim of employing unprivileged youth from poverty and helping them achieve economic and spiritual independence. 

In the meantime, to further strengthen our youth development internationally, Specified Nonprofit Corporation UNIQUEASE Japan (UJP) was established in July, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.  

Both UPhils and UJP aim to realize a society in which children and youth can talk about their dreams and hopes with a smile by sharing their accumulated knowledge and experiences, expanding the circle of mutual learning and cooperation despite their background of poverty.

We provide former beneficiaries of NGOs with Job Opportunities and practical training programs, “Alive Education” such as Business Manner/Etiquette, Business Communication, Life Vision Workshop, Marketing, etc. We continuously create more opportunities and training for young adults and children in terms of how to survive practically since we have more than 10 years of experience as a social business.

Also, we created a Nutritious Training Program (healthy cooking lesson) for mothers and ladies in poverty to prevent each disease and solve health issues, and Educational Program (team building games, nutritious & sanitation lessons) for Children at Risk to empower in a community.

Our goal is not only to give them fish but also to train them how to fish and share what they receive with others such as providing education and a working chance for unprivileged young adolescents and mothers in communities of poverty in cooperation with NGOs and people’s organizations.

Affect by the COVID-19 pandemic

Just as UNIQUEASE Restaurant operations were beginning to stabilize in Manila and the youth staff had proven their true independence, due to the global pandemic that began in March, 2020, our monthly sales became only one-fifth (80% of sales down) because of abnormal cancellations of reservations even though we started the delivery/take-out system. Eventually, we were forced to close the restaurant.

”Changes start with our steps!” 

However, we overcame challenges and created collaborative projects such as various online training and face-to-face workshops planned and operated by UPhils staff who are former staff from UNIQUEASE Restaurant and UJP student staff in cooperation with NGOs. We realize international poverty issues beyond borders and plan new overseas projects every year. 


-Providing business skill training for current beneficiaries of NGOs to share what UPhils staff had learned in the past.

-Resuming a nutritious training project for Filipino ladies and youth to prevent Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as providing information by social media which is ※“Healthy DOC Project” in cooperation with Fumiya san (a Japanese famous influencer), online workshops, and face-to-face workshops, etc.

※Healthy DOC Project

No matter what happens, we UNIQUEASE members believe that we can make a difference from this first step, and we continue to nurture the youth.

Activities of Specified Nonprofit Corporation UNIQUEASE Japan (UJP)

UNIQUEASE aims to nurture “self-starting human resources,” or “role models,” who have a broad perspective, can ask themselves questions about issues, propose ways to improve, and take action with a sense of responsibility. Through peer education, they will be able to stimulate each other and give shape to their ideas while contributing to society.

UNIQUEASE Projects in the Philippines

① (UNIQUEASE Philippines) Business Training for Youth
(1) English Presentation Training
(2) Business Manner Training
(3) Education to support economic independence

② Nutritious Training
(1) SNS Nutritious Training
(2) Online and Face-to-Face Nutritious Training

③ Social Business Partnerships
(1) Fair Trade/Livelihood improvement products & SDGs products
(2) Online & Face-to-Face education support for children 

UNIQUEASE Projects in Japan

① (UNIQUEASE Japan) Business Skills Training
② Cross-cultural understanding
③ Lectures/Presentation (for junior high and high school students, university students, and adults) 
④ Annual Asia Conference hosted by UNIQUEASE Japan

Request for Support

The expenses required for each training and education program for youth, as well as activities such as the Filipino children’s return to school, and emergency relief due to natural disasters, are supported by your donations. We would highly appreciate your warm help to continue our operations.